URiM Leadership Program and Travel Scholarship

The UVA Department of Radiation Oncology is proud to offer up to $1,500.00 in scholarships to help offset the costs of travel and housing for up to two highly qualified medical students who wish to do a visiting radiation oncology elective at our institution. Visiting rotations are during the months of July through October.  Scholarships are for medical students whose backgrounds, interests, or goals will bring diverse experiences and interests to UVA’s Department of Radiation Oncology.  These scholarships are available through the URiM Leadership Program and Travel Scholarship sponsored by the UVA GME Office for students who have a strong interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Find more information on the URiM Leadership Program here.

If you are interested in applying for the Leadership Program & Travel Scholarship, please complete the application and email it to Rebekah McComb at

Rad Onc Stipend

Alternatively, UVA Radiation Oncology is offering a daily stipend of $20 a day to offset housing and cost of living expenses during the rotation.  This can be requested by any visiting student rotating with us from June through October.  Please reach out to Rebekah McComb at for information.