Center for Behavioral Health and Technology

For more than a decade, the Center for Behavioral Health and Technology has been involved in eHealth, the development and testing of clinical interventions via the Internet.

Our researchers believe the Internet can be used to implement engaging, interactive, and comprehensive interventions. Designed to improve outcomes by tailoring the programs to the individual user, our program was among the first to test feasibility of delivering internet interventions.  


Internet Interventions

The Center for Behavioral Health and Technology has developed internet interventions to treat a variety of medical conditions.

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Employment Opportunities

Center offers post-graduate fellowships, student research, and software development positions.
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Center Faculty have published numerous articles about their work in various medical journals.
Journal Publications

App Improving HIV Care

PositiveLinks, a smartphone app designed to improve care for people living with HIV, has increased users’ consistency in doctor visits and improved their health outcomes.
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Currently recruiting for the following trials: 1. Health, wellness, and experience of transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) Virginians. 2. Using Internet to help with sleep apnea.

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