Cell and Molecular Biology

The Cell and Molecular Biology faculty at UVA provide a comprehensive graduate training program in modern cell and molecular biological sciences.

We believe that the best biological scientists are those who possess a broad knowledge of cell and molecular biology, as well as a thorough understanding of their own particular research area. Our program strives to provide the widest possible choice of mentors and research areas, while offering an individually-tailored academic program for each graduate student.


Powerful Microscope Solves Plant Virus Mystery

A hugely destructive plant virus has finally surrendered its secrets. The discovery will revolutionize the efforts to stop such flexible plant viruses – and the billions in crop loss they cause every year – and may even lead to a new vehicle for delivering vaccines in humans.

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UVA Cell and Molecular Biology Faculty, Jonathan Kipnis

UVA Cell and Molecular Biology Faculty

The Cell and Molecular Biology program capitalizes on the expertise and resources of a large, diverse, and excellent faculty composed of more than 90 members from eight basic science departments and programs in the university.

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University of Virginia Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program student in lab displaying their work.

Apply to the CMB Program

Students apply for admission through one of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs and are selected for the CMB program after the first year of graduate school.

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