Department of Cell Biology

Cell Biology at UVA strives to make significant new discoveries in the areas of cell, developmental, and regenerative biology and to train and prepare young scientists to explore these and other areas of biomedical science. Our goal is to use basic fundamental discovery in the fields of cell and developmental biology to drive innovation and the translation of new advances geared toward improving the human condition.


Pinn Hall Receives Beautiful Renovation

See the new lab that offers a fresh, luminous space for the Department of Cell Biology

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Integrative Biosciences Course Offered

CCIB is a full-immersion cross-disciplinary course that integrates scientific understanding and builds appreciation for a wide spectrum of experimental approaches, from molecular structure and interactions to the organization and dynamics of complex tissues and organisms.
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Cell Biology Receives Grants

In the first round of funding for a new seed-funding initiative, called the 3 Cavaliers Fund, designed to promote cross-disciplinary research, three cell biology faculty members are participants in two of the funded teams. The program is run out of the Office of the Vice President for Research using funding from the Strategic Investment Fund.
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PhD program in Cell and Developmental Biology

Graduate training in Cell Biology and Developmental Biology at UVA features rich and diverse research in modern Cell and Developmental Biology. Cutting-edge research is carried out in the labs of creative and internationally-recognized faculty and addresses fundamental problems directed at both cellular (membrane and cytoskeletal dynamics, signal transduction, mitosis, cell adhesion, motility, mechanotransduction, polarity) and higher-levels of biological organization, including embryonic patterning, morphogenetic movements, tissue morphogenesis and repair.
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