UVA startup, TearSolutions Inc, co-founded by Cell Biology’s Gordon Laurie, featured in Annual Report from UVA’s Licensing and Ventures Group

The recently released Annual Report from UVa’s Licensing and Ventures Group includes a feature on the history and progress of TearSolutions, Inc., a UVa startup cofounded by Cell Biology’s Gordon Laurie.  TearSolutions was the first recipient of the new UVa Seed Fund, and currently has in Phase I/II Clinical Trial a novel treatment for ‘Dry Eye Disease’ based on the National Eye Institute-supported discovery of ‘lacritin’ in the Laurie lab.  A July 31, 2017 NY Times article by Jane Brody on Dry Eye and a National Eye Institute press release marking July as ‘Dry Eye Awareness Month’ mention of lacritin.  Progress on lacritin and the trial can be followed at