Judy White research paper on Ebola virus receives special recognition

A recent research paper from Judy White’s laboratory entitled “An exploration of conditions proposed to trigger the Ebola virus glycoprotein for fusion” has been selected by the editors of the PLOS Ebola Channel to be featured in the Related Content section for the next few weeks. The authors of the paper are Lucie Feneant, Katarzyna Szymanska-de Wijs, Elizabeth Nelson and Dr. White. In making this announcement, the Ebola Channel Editors express their belief that “a coordinated, integrated, and prioritised research agenda is required to effectively ensure progression in the area of Ebola research.” This paper from Dr. White’s laboratory explores the conditions required for the membrane fusion event necessary for virus entry into cells.  Understanding these conditions for membrane fusion and virus entry holds promise for the development of drugs that may prevent Ebola entry into human cells.