Primary Faculty

Sameer Bajikar

Bajikar, Sameer Subhash

Systems biology approaches to study gene dosage in neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental disorders

James Casanova

Casanova, James E.

Role of Arf family GTPases in vesicular transport and cytoskeleton assembly.
Cell Biology of bacterial pathogenesis.
The innate immune response to bacterial infection.

Douglas DeSimone

DeSimone, Douglas W.

Cell Adhesion and Adhesion-Dependent Cell Signaling in Vertebrate Morphogenesis

Noelle Dwyer

Dwyer, Noelle

Neural Development; Cell Division in Neural Stem Cells; Axon Outgrowth and Guidance

Adrian Halme

Halme, Adrian J.

Regeneration and Systemic Responses to Tissue Damage

Barry Hinton

Hinton, Barry T.

Morphogenesis of the Developing Wolffian/Epididymal duct

Karen Hirschi

Hirschi, Karen Kemper

Understanding Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Leading to Blood Vessel Formation

Saurabh Kulkarni

Kulkarni, Saurabh

Precision medicine, translational science, regeneration, organoids, high resolution imaging, computational modeling

Gordon Laurie

Laurie, Gordon W.

Restoration of Homeostasis in Disease

Xiaowei Lu

Lu, Xiaowei

Wnt/PCP signaling in inner ear development Mouse models for human deafness Wnt/PCP signaling in neural tube closure

Laura Newman

Newman, Laura Elizabeth

Mitochondrial regulation of innate immune and antiviral signaling

Elias Spiliotis

Spiliotis, Elias T

Spatial Cell Biology. Neuronal Morphogenesis and Disease. Cancer Migration and Invasion.

Ann Sutherland

Sutherland, Ann E.

Cell behavior and morphogenesis during early mouse development.

Bettina Winckler

Winckler, Bettina

Endosomal function and dysfunction in neurons. Development of the nervous system: cytoskeleton and membrane traffic in axon and dendrite growth.

Joshua Wythe

Wythe, Joshua D

Cardiovascular Development and Cerebrovascular Pathologies