Sponsor Visits


Updated July 13, 2023

Onsite sponsor/monitor visits are permitted in clinical and non-clinical areas. There continues to be no limit on the number of representatives that can visit, however, we encourage you to limit the visitors to the minimum number required. Sponsor visitors are required to adhere to all mask requirements.

Remote Monitoring

There are four options for sharing information with study sponsors.  All four have been approved for use with patient (subject) related activities. You are not required to redact the information you share using these tools.

EpicCare Link

Monitors can obtain a EpicCare Link account to obtain access to the Epic medical records for specific subjects/patients.

For more information, click here.


Team members can use Webex to conduct virtual meetings through video or conference line.

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Secure E-Mail

Team members with a health system email account can send secured e-mails.

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Although secure e-mail is an acceptable option, HIT security asked that it be used as a last resort.  They prefer that WebEx or Dropbox is used whenever possible when sharing information that is not accessible via EpicCare Link.


Team members can Dropbox, a secure cloud storage to store, sync, and share data files  Dropbox:

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When using Dropbox for this purpose, you must set an expiration date and password.

Instructions: Using “Dropbox Transfer” to send PHI