3 Civelek Lab Members Create The Genomics Society of UVA

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Exciting news from Civelek Lab! Rita Anane-Wae, Dillon Lue, and Zhiwen Xu put their efforts together and created The Genomics Society of UVA, hoping to promote undergraduate research. The primary mission is to equip its members with the skill sets used to conduct biological research.

Every week for the past few months, the Genomics Society has hosted workshops/presentations focused on modern research techniques used to study the COVID-19 genome and introduction to wet-lab or hands-on techniques. All of the workshop topics and events are on their Instagram page (@genomicsociety.uva). Recently, the Student Council passed a bill to acknowledge the club as an official UVA CIO.

Please see their website for more info.

UVA Genomics Society Founders

Left to Right: Rita Anane-Wae, Dillon Lue, and Zhiwen Xu


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