The Center for Public Health Genomics (CPHG) was established in January 2007, with the recruitment of Stephen S. Rich, Ph.D., from Wake Forest University as its founding Director and Board of Visitors Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Harrison Teaching Chair in Public Health Sciences. Since this time, the Center has grown to 15 resident faculty and over 50 staff and trainees. In January 2022, the Center began a new chapter as Charles R. Farber, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences, became Director of the CPHG. The Center’s mission is to conduct cutting-edge research on the role of genetics and genomics in human health and disease, train the next generation of genome scientists, and translate genomic research into improved health care.

Administrative Staff

Armando L. Bolmey, Administrator
(434) 924-8513

Cheryl L. Bryan, Research Administrator
(434) 243-5396

Lisa Franco, Accountant
(434) 243-8750

Richard Lang, Systems Engineer, LSP
(434) 243-2692

Jennifer M. Dean, Sr. Administrative Assistant
(434) 982-3228