The University of Virginia School of Medicine has a long tradition of excellence in a highly collaborative atmosphere. We find innovative ways to improve health by resting on the firmest of foundations: the pyramid of education, research, patient care, and service to the community. The structure is so strong because each part of the pyramid contributes to the other: we teach students in the health professions at all levels—including our colleagues—and at the same time learn from all of them, making patient care better; we advance knowledge through research at the fundamental level and translate that research for the benefit of our patients; we treat each of our patients with compassion and respect; and not only make the community healthier, we also serve as volunteers and advisers to the Commonwealth and the nation.

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Extra Shut-Eye: 2019 Innovator of the Year Aims to Cure Insomnia

Our Lee Ritterband, who created the anti-insomnia program SHUTi, has been named 2019’s Innovator of the Year by UVA’s Licensing & Ventures Group.
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The Surgery That Gave A Boy Thumbs

Although Connor Woodle has a genetic disorder that resulted in him being born without thumbs, he now has all the dexterity he needs thanks to Dr. Bobby Chhabra, co-founder of the UVA Hand Center, who created thumbs for Connor over the course of two operations.
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For This Pediatric Duo, It’s All About the Team

At the core of this team is an immense feeling of ownership and responsibility, an understanding that, in a sense, the young people they’re caring for are their own. And the elation they experience when the child pulls through—Gangemi and L’Ecuyer say that language simply doesn’t do it justice.
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Relive Graduation Weekend With Two New Videos

The School of Medicine students’ Final Exercises took place the weekend of May 15. You may have already seen the photos on social media or here on the Dean’s Office…

137 Photos from the School of Medicine’s Graduation Weekend

Congratulations to all the School of Medicine graduates — medical and biomedical sciences students, alike! — who make up an outstanding Class of 2019! We wish you luck in all…

You Have a Say, and We’re Listening!

(l-r) Faculty Senators Dr. Linda Duska and Dr. Carol Manning Several months ago, Dean Wilkes asked the SOM faculty senators to organize and run future General Faculty Meetings. Given the…

Community Partnered Medicine Elective Rolls Out This Summer

(l-r) Dr. Mohan Nadkarni and Dr. Drew Harris Starting in summer 2019, a new elective — Community Partnered Medicine — will become the latest addition to the School of Medicine’s…

Innovative Approach: Kids Teach Students the Basics of Pediatrics

(l-r) Rebecca Scharf, MD; Laurie Archbald-Pannone, MD; and Mary Kate Worden, PhD Every year for one instruction period, children are the teachers to our first-year medical students. Newborns, infants, toddlers,…
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Go Girls! Fitness Support Group

[Zion Crossroads] Come groove with us tonight!

CIC Research in Progress: Jack Cronk "Allele-specific CRISPR-editing reveals protective role of inhibitory receptor in host resistance to virus infection" & Anupam Prakash "Role of STAT6 in RBC alloimmunization"

[MR6, 3rd Floor, Room 3501] Jack Cronk, Grad Candidate Brown Lab Title "Allele-specific CRISPR-editing reveals protective role of inhibitory receptor in host resistance to virus infection.\" Anupam Prakash, Grad Candidate…

"Imaging Molecular Activity During Dendritic Spine Plasticity: FRETing Over Protein Kinase C Funtion" by Lesley Colgan, PhD

[Pinn 5023] Hosted by Julius Zhu, Lesley Colgan, PhD, is a Research Fellow, Neuronal Signal Transduction, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, Jupiter, FL Dr. Lesley Colgan joined the Yasuda…

Go Girls! Fitness Support Group

[UVA Battle Building OR Orange Pediatrics] Come groove with us tonight!

Grandparents Class

[8th Floor, Main UVA Hospital ] Expecting a grandchild? This class will give you information on what is new in labor and delivery, hospital care, and newborn care. Safe sleep…