J. David Castle Receives 2013 Kadner Award for Outstanding Graduate Teaching

May 21, 2013 by zrb8mf@virginia.edu

J. David Castle, PhD, Professor of Cell Biology

“David is the consummate scientist and educator. I have watched him mentor other students and post-docs and volunteer his time to other faculty members of all levels with a selessness that is rare. I have also seen him agonize over the redesigning of both the graduate and medical school curricula, always with the best interests of learners in mind.” – Former Student

“Because of his tremendous commitment to training the next generation of scientists and his enthusiasm for sharing his love of learning with those around him, we believe he exemplies the spirit of this award.” – Students

“His passion for exploration of the unknown is matched only by his mastery of the known.” – Former Student

“Many of us who have had the pleasure of teaching alongside Dave are regularly in awe of his prodigious knowledge, which extends well beyond his own eld. …Dave is our ‘walking encyclopedia’ of cell biology.” – Colleague

“As students, we all recognized Dave as a straight shooter, able to be critical in a caring way, generous with his insight and expertise, and always holding our best interests as his paramount concern.” – Former student

“His style is not to spoon-feed but to challenge others to think and work up to their full potential. He demands much but in return gives freely of his time and intellect.” – Colleague