New grant from the Lustgarten Foundation


July 27, 2023.  We are thrilled to receive a new grant from the Lustgarten Foundation to study how lipid droplets contribute to liver metastasis in pancreatic cancer. This work is…

Dane’s research published in Cell Reports!


December 13, 2022.  Congratulations to Dane Sessions on the publication of his paper, “Opa1 and Drp1 reciprocally regulate cristae morphology, ETC function, and NAD+ regeneration in KRas-mutant lung adenocarcinoma” in…

Dane defends his dissertation!


December 9, 2022.  Congrats to Dane Sessions for successful defense of his dissertation titled, “Drp1 and Opa1 reciprocally structure the mitochondrial inner membrane and electron transport chain in lung adenocarcinoma”. …