Orientation Checklist for SMD2026

  1. Welcome video
  2. Quick read about WiFi access at UVA. Run the Network Setup Tool to get WiFi and a digital certificate on your devices
  3. Make sure you can login and read both of your UVA email accounts
  4. Here’s the scoop on passwords – you have several and they are not all the same!
  5. Establish your Turning Point account – this is our classroom response system
  6. learn.med (aka VMed) – our learning management system
    1. Intro video for learn.med
    2. The online testing system
  7. OASIS  – don’t forget to watch the brief video!
  8. Speaking of things you’ll be doing, set up your UVA Zoom account
  9. And while you’re at it, maybe download the Office 365 apps for offline use. Get it from your academic/@virginia.edu account.
  10. A couple of computing/security policies that you need to read – here
  11. Peruse a very quick how-to for printing in the Health Sciences Library
  12. Download an additional web browser beyond the one that comes with your operating system (Chrome or FireFox)
  13. Complete the Technology Setup quiz in Online Testing before 12:30pm on Thursday, August 4th.

We will hold drop in office hours during Orientation on Wednesday, Aug 3rd from 1pm – 5pm. Come see us in the Learning Studio if you need help or have questions!

or you can send mail to mededweb@virginia.edu and make an appointment