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Molmart is in Pinn Hall room2-26, with supplies section of the Tissue Culture Facility.

MolMart provides on site reagents and supplies at the University of Virginia at contract prices without shipping or eVA costs. The product line is based on demand (contact Linda Beggerly with suggestions), and may change over time.

MOLMART also handles oligonucleotides ordered with Invitrogen.

You must know your iLab login and password and have access to a PTAEO to purchase supplies from Molmart/Tissue Culture Facility.

The MolMart catalog is in iLab in the MolMart & Tissue Culture Facility core, or login when prompted at the following link:


Instructions for walk in self service are at: https://med.virginia.edu/core-facilities/ilab-billing-and-reservation-system-2/ilab-billing-and-reservation-system/molmart-self-service-in-ilab/

If you receive an LDAP error when attempting to login to iLab, this typically means your e-services account has been disabled and you need to contact UVa Access Management at 4-0817 to have your e-services account re-enabled.

If you still experience issues with logging into iLab, please contact the ORCA Business Manager, Chris Tuck at ct7rt@virginia.edu