School of Medicine surplus equipment site

SOM units with surplus equipment that is functional or serviceable (repair costs <25% of original price) are asked to contact the Office for Research before sending items to UVA Surplus Property for sale to the public.  Equipment will be listed below for approximately two weeks; if not taken by another unit by then, the item will be removed from the listing and the originating unit will send it to Surplus Property.

Inquiries should be directed to the contacts listed in the table below.  To add equipment to this list, e-mail the required information to Dr. Steven Wasserman in the Office for Research.

Equipment may only be transferred to other units within UVA, for University activities.  The receiving unit assumes the cost of move, repairs, maintenance, and renovation of space to accommodate the equipment, and is responsible for any required inventory reports.  Any payment for the equipment should be negotiated by the provider and recipient.  All transactions must conform to UVA and sponsor guidelines.

Nothing available currently.  Please check back in the future.