Mid-Year Resident Survey

We are hopeful that we can continue to refine the curriculum and experience for residents in our program.  We recognize that change may be painful at times and evolution is not always easy, but we also realize that the residents are what make this program run and we want to cultivate a positive environment here.

Please use this form to voice your concerns, thoughts, and ideas for improvement so that we can keep working on this program.  We will discuss at the resident / PD meeting in December.

Resident Midyear Survey 2018

Please take the time to fill this out so we can get better
  • My overall opinion of the program is: (10 = very positive, 5 = neutral, 1 = very negative)
  • my opinion of the program
  • Which rotations are doing things right?
  • What are these rotations doing well that other services can emulate?
  • Which rotations could use some improvement?
  • How can the rotation(s) be improved?
  • Which of the following best describes work hour compliance?
  • Which work hour requirement presents consistent challenges?
  • How can work hour compliance be improved?
  • We scored poorly in this domain in the ACGME survey. Do you think that resident concerns can be voiced without fear?
  • How can we improve the ability for residents to raise concerns without fear?
  • Are you satisfied that your evaluations of the faculty / program are confidential?
  • How can we improve the process of resident feedback about faculty / the program?
  • I feel that feedback about my performance is
  • Please provide comments about your thoughts about resident feedback and how it can be improved.
  • What is the most frustrating thing about being a resident? (hopefully something correctable)
  • If I were program director, I would ___________.
  • Please use this area to say anything you want about the program, program directors, faculty, and/or curriculum.
  • Anonymous resident surveys like this are: