We welcome Francesca back!


Francesca was working in our lab as undergraduate student and now she is back as our laboratory specialist!

MIC faculty Melanie Rutkowski, PhD receives $450,000 grant to study how the gut biome interacts with breast cancer.


“One of the underlying questions about breast cancer is why do some individuals with breast cancer develop more aggressive or metastatic disease? And why is there so much variability in…

Welcome to Tzu-Yu (Alkaid) Feng!


Tzu-Yu joined the lab in February 2017 and we welcome her to the lab!

Harrison Undergraduate research award for research in the Rutkowski lab!


Carolina has recently received news that she is one of the recipients of the Harrison Undergraduate research award at UVA for the work she is doing in the lab.

Summer 2016 We welcome our newest lab member!


“We would like to welcome the newest member of the Rutkowski lab, Francesca Azar!