Wisdom Through Adversity

At UVA, we are exploring the nature of wisdom and human adaptation to adversity in the context of patient experiences living with chronic pain and physician responses in the aftermath of serious medical error. We know that amid potentially debilitating circumstances, some people display a creative response to adversity and emerge as better people; patients gain a more positive outlook while physicians become more compassionate.

We have compiled patient and physician exemplars that provide a rich body of narrative to aid in the discovery of the qualities, traits or circumstances that give rise to the development of wisdom through adversity.


Public Television Documentary

The highlights from a few individuals who found creative, meaningful and wise ways to move through their most difficult struggles.

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Learning and Growing in the Wake of an Error

Medical errors are a nearly universal experience for physicians. This study investigates how physicians coped positively with having made a serious mistake.

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Choosing Wisdom

How does growth during adversity happen to some but not others? Can the positive results be purposefully replicated?

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Wisdom In Medicine

Dr. Redgrave speaks on gaining wisdom in the context of medical error.

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