Our Mission

The Center for Advanced Medical Analytics is multi-disciplinary, allowing UVa and its clinicians and quantitative scientists to make efficient use of Big Data to solve emerging complex health system medical engineering problems. By providing support and guidance to researchers, the Center fosters innovative ways of addressing widespread and potentially devastating illness and provides the framework to facilitate commercialization of any new transformative technologies. The Center educates the future leaders in this field.

What Is Big Data

Big Data, defined by its Volume, Velocity and Variety, has become a frequent buzzword in industry.  Healthcare, with its massive structured and unstructured data sets, is an appealing target.

The ability to learn from Big Data has the potential to improve quality of patient care while reducing cost by providing the most robust evidence base for individualized patient management.

Specifically, Big Data analytics can add information about effectiveness of current best practice methods, suggest improvements to care pathways and, in its most advanced application, provide early warning of specific threats to a patient’s health.