Our Division


The Division of Asthma, Allergy, and Clinical Immunology is positioned within UVA Health and the UVA School of Medicine’s Department of Medicine. Our distinguished faculty offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment of both adult and pediatric patients presenting with asthma, hypersensitivity disorders (e.g. seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis, stinging insect allergy, food allergy, drug hypersensitivity and intolerances, contact dermatitis, fungal and chemical hypersensitivity), primary immune deficiencies as well as a variety of additional respiratory, skin and other immunologic conditions.

Our Division is committed to the exceptional care of patients and cutting-edge research.  Accordingly, we have established collaborations with other specialists at UVA Health to offer multiple sub-specialty clinics. We offer multi-disciplinary specialty clinics in immune deficiency led by Dr. Monica Lawrence, eosinophilic esophagitis led by Dr. Emily McGowan, severe asthma led by Dr. Larry Borish, and complex sinus disease clinic led by Dr. Borish and Dr. Anna Smith. We also provide a dedicated drug and vaccine hypersensitivity clinic led by Dr. Tim Kyin, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Nelson. These clinics are hosted in Charlottesville as well as throughout our region.

In addition to the direct clinical care, our Division boasts a robust and thriving research component. Led by dedicated research faculty in conjunction with many of the clinical faculty, our Division positions itself on the leading edge of discovery in an area related to allergic disease processes, and immunological disorders.  Laboratories led by Drs. Platts-Mills, Borish, Woodfolk, Wilson, Lawrence, and McGowan have consistently produced important additions to medicine and are recognized by publications, grants, and awards.

The third cornerstone of our Division’s foundation is the selection and comprehensive training of future specialists in our field.  Our fellowship training program now led by Dr. Lawrence has consistently fostered the development of independent board-certified clinicians, clinical investigators, and national leaders within our specialty.

The Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology Division has a long legacy of being at the forefront of advances in the specialty and championing patients affected by allergic and immunologic diseases. The Division enters 2021 amid a pandemic selflessly committed to serving the many emerging needs of our patients and specialty.