Open Positions

Thanks for your interest in opportunities to join the Bayliss Lab! We currently have the following positions available:

R0010418 - Research Associate in Pharmacology (Bayliss Lab)

Postdoctoral position available to join a multidisciplinary team that studies mechanisms of Pannexin channel modulation in various (patho)physiological contexts. To apply, visit:–Bayliss-Lab-_R0010418

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The Department of Pharmacology at the University of Virginia seeks a Research Associate to work in the laboratory of Dr. Douglas Bayliss. The focus of this lab position is ion channel electrophysiology: specifically, to perform biophysical analyses and cell biological studies of activation and permeation properties of ATP-releasing Pannexin 1 ion channels in various physiological contexts. The work is part of an ongoing multi-lab collaboration underwritten by an NIH Program Project Grant.

Applicants must have PhD and/or MD degree(s) by start date and experience in cell biology of ion channels, especially with expertise in assessing ion channel function by electrophysiology, molecular biology, and biochemical approaches. The qualified individual will perform experiments, analyze data and contribute to the writing of manuscripts and grants.