Brain Cancer: Scientists Identify Gene Responsible For Deadly Glioblastoma

University of Virginia scientists have identified an oncogene (a cancer-causing gene) responsible for glioblastoma, the deadliest brain tumor. The discovery offers a promising new treatment target for a cancer that is always fatal.

The researchers say the oncogene is essential to the survival of the cancer cells. Without it, the cancer cells die. Scientists have already developed many targeted therapies for other cancers with a similar “oncogene addiction.”

“Glioblastoma is one of the most deadly cancers. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment option for the disease,” said researcher Hui Li of the UVA School of Medicine and the UVA Cancer Center. “The current standard option, radiation plus temozolomide, which displayed a 2.5-month-better survival rate, was hailed as a great success. Clearly, better understanding and new therapeutic targets are urgently needed.

“The novel oncogene we discovered promises to be an Achilles’ heel of glioblastoma, with its specific targeting potentially an effective approach for the treatment of the disease.”

Read the full story by Josh Barney at UVA Today, 7/14/20 (Contributed photo).