Resource Statement

The Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Facility has six NMR spectrometers. One 800, three 600, and two 400 MHz spectrometers. The Bruker Avance III 800 has a helium cooled cryoprobe and 1H and 13C cooled preamps. The Bruker Neo NanoBay 600 has a 60-position auto sample changer. There are two Varian VNMRS 600’s, one of these has a protune accessory. Finally there are two Bruker Neo NanoBay 400’s, each has a 60-position auto sample changer. The 600’s and 400’s can do all the NMR experiments commonly done by synthetic chemists. The 800 can do the all the experiments done by the other spectrometers and additionally all the experiments commonly done during protein and nucleic acid studies.