The Interdisciplinary Biophysics Program

Interdisciplinary Biophysics Program at UVA

As a truly interdisciplinary program, the Interdisciplinary Biophysics Program at UVA has faculty spread over 13 departments, all conducting research on a wide range of areas of biological and human health questions.

Our common ground is that we use quantitative approaches that emphasize chemistry, computation, mathematics and physics in studying biological phenomena. We are committed to providing world-class graduate training for our students to prepare them for future research positions in academics, industry or the allied professions.


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The Beams Lecture in Biophysics

Recognized as a major contributor to experimental physics in the century, Professor Beams inspired the Beams Lectureship in 1972.

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Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) Graduate Program

Learn more about the BIMS Graduate Program, the umbrella program for the Biophysics Program.

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