The Beams Lecture in Biophysics

The Jesse W. Beams Lecture Series was started when the late Jesse Beams, Professor of Physics at the University of Virginia, was still active in research.  Professor Beams is recognized as a major contributor to experimental physics in this century.  He was also a major contributor to advances in instrumentation that have made a large fraction of current research in molecular biology possible.  Professor Beams was a strong supporter of, and participator in, interdisciplinary research.  He foresaw the future of biophysical science and was one of the prime initiators of the Interdisciplinary Program in Biophysics here at the University of Virginia.

The Beams Lectureship was initiated in 1972 by the Biophysics faculty of the University with the purpose of bringing to the University recognized innovators in Biophysical Science to deliver a public lecture on a topic of their own choice, and to exchange information and ideas with faculty and students.


Previous Jesse Beams Lecturers

1972    Jerome Vinograd

1974    Leo Demayer

1976    Christian B. Anfinsen*

1978    Howard K. Schachman

1980    Hugh Huxley

1981    Leroy Hood

1983    Paul Lauterbur

1984    Richard E. Dickerson

1985    Charles R. Cantor

1986     Frederic Richards

1987     Roger Tsien*

1988     Gary Ackers

1990     Harden M. McConnell

1990      Peter Privalov

1992      Robert Huber*

1992      Howard C. Berg

1993      Thomas E. Thompson

1993      Ken A. Dill

1994      Wayne L. Hubbell

1995      Richard Henderson

1996      Peter H. von Hippel

1997     Paul B. Sigler

1999     Enrico Gratton

2000     P. Nigel T. Unwin

2001     Richard R. Ernst*

2002     Louise N. Johnson

2003     Douglas C. Rees

2004     Wayne A. Hendrickson

2005     Francisco Bezanilla

2006     Alexander McPherson

2008     Richard A. Lerner

2010     Peter B. Moore

2011     Brian K. Kobilka

* Nobel Laureates