Genetically Engineered Murine Model Core resource description

The Genetically Engineered Murine Model (GEMM) Core at the University of Virginia (UVa) provides user-oriented service to efficiently produce and preserve genetically engineered mouse strains for animal model research. GEMM currently utilizes the contemporary CRISPR technology, places emphasis on creating human disease models and supports translational research. GEMM runs semiannually the CRISPR and Transgenic Workshop to educate and interact with users. The core’s mission is to support animal model research endeavors, to advance genetic and reproductive technologies for model creation and propagation, and to serve as a resource for design, development and derivation of customized animal models.

The Genetically Engineered Murine Model Core (GEMM core) at the University of Virginia (UVA) has two laboratories housed in two connected buildings (Pinn Hall and MR5) on UVA grounds.  The GEMM Core is centrally located within the UVA-Health System complex and in close proximity to research laboratories and other core facilities.

Pinn Hall 2223 (~600 sq ft) is the main lab for ES cell culture and molecular biology.  It has tissue culture hoods, CO2 incubators, PCR gradient mater cyclers, electroporator, UV gel documentation system, centrifuges, hybridization oven, water baths, balances, gel electrophoresis devices, LN storage Dewars, LN dry shipper and other small equipment for cell culture and molecular biology work.

Pinn Hall 2223 also serves as a central office to meet and exchange materials with clients.  It has computers, printers, file cabinets and other office equipment.

MR5 G339 (~700 sq ft) is the secondary lab for microinjection and embryology.  It has microinjection workstations, cell culture hood, CO2 incubators, dissecting scopes, micropipette puller, De Fonbrune microforge, controlled-rate freezer.  It also has a small office area with a computer, a printer and file cabinets.  It is mainly used for entering and keeping experimental records.

Next to the G339 lab, the GEMM Core has two adjacent animal rooms MR5 G338 (~400 sq ft) and G337 (~400 sq ft) which are inside the vivarium administered by UVA Center for Comparative Medicine, accredited by AAALAC.  MR5 G338 houses multiple mouse colonies for production of transgenic and knockout mice.  MR5 G336 houses mice that are transferred from various investigators for cryopreservation, speed congenics, rederivation and custom breeding.

The GEMM Core has access to the classrooms in the Claude Moore Health Science Library for the lecture portion of the transgenic workshop.  The library is located on the same floor near the GEMM Core.