Research Cores supported by the School of Medicine:

Advanced Microscopy Facility
ph. 434.924.2524
Assistant Director: Natalia Dworak
Provides electron and light microscopy imaging technologies for basic scientists, physicians, and students.

Bioinformatics Core
ph. 434.982.2820
Director; Pankaj Kumar
Provides expert and timely bioinformatics consulting and data analysis solutions

Biomolecular Analysis Facility
ph. 434.924.2356
Director; Nicholas Sherman
Biological mass spectrometry, Shared Instrumentation

Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Facility
ph. 434.924.3163
Director: Jeff Ellena

Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility
ph. 434.982.0488
Biorepository Manager: Craig Rumpel
Director: Patcharin Pramoonjago
Procures and collects human tissue and other biospecimens for research purposes

Center for Human Therapeutics cGMP Facility
ph. 434.243.1418
Director: Archana Thakur

Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory
ph. 434.982.3565
Director: Lisa Farr

Flow Cytometry Core Facility
ph. 434.243.2711
Director: Mike Solga

Genome Analysis and Technology Core
ph. 434.924.9953
Director: Katia Sol-Church
NextGen sequencing, sample prep, PCR

Genetically Engineered Murine Model Core
ph. 434.982.6506
Director: Wenhao Xu

Molecular Electron Microscopy Core
ph. 434.982.0525
Director: Kelly Dryden

Molecular Imaging Core
ph. 434.924.5096
Director: Stuart Berr

Molecular Immunologic Translational Sciences Core
ph. 434-924-8928
Director: Ana Karina de Oliveira

Internal (UVa) users only
ph. 434.924.9211
Manager: Linda Beggerly

Radiochemistry Core
ph. 434.243.1770
Associate Director: William Harrison Miller

Research Histology Core
ph. 434.924.9205
Director: Sheri Vanhoose

Virginia Commonwealth University cores
UVa researchers can use some VCU cores at the same rates as VCU researchers
Handbook of the research cores.