We are the major core facility at UVA involved in the procurement and processing of human tissue and other biospecimens for research purposes


  • provides tissue samples from remnant surgical resection and autopsy specimens linked to clinicopathologic data while maintaining patient confidentiality.
  • assists clinical trials in the collection and processing of blood, urine and tissue samples.
  • assists in the retrieval of archival histologic slides and tissue samples from the Department of Pathology.
  • offers histology-based research services to support basic, translational and clinical research.

Access BTRF services and equipment through the online iLab system

Since there is a limited amount of tissue samples available, we provide tissues to investigators in the following priority:

  • Peer reviewed funded investigators (including Federal and National laboratories).
  • Non-reviewed funded investigators.
  • New investigators and academic investigators developing new research projects.
  • Other investigators either inside or outside of the University of Virginia.
  • Commercial entities.

UVA_CancerLogoThis Core is supported through the University of Virginia Cancer Center National Cancer Institute P30 Center Grant

The activities of the BTRF are monitored and directed by members of the BTRF Advisory Board.