Genome Analysis & Technology Core

(formerly known as DNA Sciences Core)

The DNA Sciences Core has been recently restructured and renamed the Genome Analysis and Technology Core (GATC), to reflect its full genomics core capabilities.  The GATC mission is to serve as a scientific resource and biotechnology hub enhancing the scope and quality of basic and translational research at UVA, and to provide customer satisfaction, collaboration and quality control.   The goal of the core staff is to enable high throughput (Next Generation) sequencing projects for both novice and experienced users alike, by providing timely assistance in all facets of experimentation from project design/execution to data analysis/reporting.

Located in Pinn Hall, the core is a fee-for-service facility that offers instrumentation and expertise in all areas of NGS genomics and transcriptomics.   Current applications supported by the core staff include Single Cell (Sc) RNA Seq, bulk RNA Seq, CHIP Seq, ATAC Seq, Amplicon DNA Seq, 16S ribosomal gene sequencing, shot gun sequencing for small genomes and whole exome sequencing (WES).  The core also provides real time and droplet digital PCR services most suitable for targeted gene expression, SNP genotyping and CNV discovery.  GATC provides training for the core shared instrumentation used for nucleic acid analysis.

Policy on acknowledging the core:  We encourage users to acknowledge the core in their posters and publications.  e.g. “This work used (service and/or instrument name) in the Genome Analysis and Technology Core which is supported by the University of Virginia School of Medicine.”

A resource statement summarizes the capabilities of the core.