The core is a fee-for-service facility that offers instrumentation and expertise in all areas of NGS genomics and transcriptomics.

Current single cell NGS applications supported by the core staff include  Single cell/nuclei RNA-seq, ATAC-Seq, proteogenomics (coupled gene expression, cell surface marker and immune profiling) , and  multiOmics (coupled ATAC-seq and gene expression) .

Other sequencing application supported by the core include Bulk RNA seq, CHIP Seq, ATAC Seq, Amplicon DNA Seq, 16S ribosomal gene sequencing, shot gun sequencing for small genomes and whole exome sequencing (WES).  The core staff provides real time qPCR and digital PCR services most suitable for targeted gene expression, SNP genotyping and CNV discovery and training for the core shared instrumentation used for nucleic acid analysis.

Three technologies under development include Digital PCR (Qiacuity), Nanopore long read  sequencing, and VISIUM spatial transcriptomics.