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10X Genomics Single Cell/Nuclei sample prep

Start with hundreds to hundreds of thousands of cells/nuclei. Follow best practices for washing, counting, and concentrating to minimize the presence of cellular aggregates, and retrieve high-quality single cell single/ nuclei suspensions ready for the 10X Genomics emulsion step.

Explore lab tested protocols by searching STAR Protocols  an open access journal from Cell Press

Here are additional protocols available from the vendor’s web site:

Illumina Next Generation Sequencing

See  Below Illumina resources to help you design your NGS project.

Planning an NGS experiment

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How to Match Your NGS Research Goal with Core Technologies

Storage requirements and performance parameters for the NextSeq 2000 Sequencing System

Table 1:

Read Length Storage Run Time/Output P2 flow cell Run time/Output P3 flow cell
2 × 50 bp 20 GB 13 hours / 40GB 19 hours / 100GB
2 × 100 bp 40 GB 21 hours / 80GB 33 hours / 200GB
2 × 150 bp 55 GB 29 hours / 120GB 48 hours / 300GB

The instrument capacity as illustrate in Table 2 offers great flexibility in sample throughput.

Run Capacity

Table 2:

Applications P2 Flow Cell P3 Flow Cell
Sc. ATAC-Seq
50,000 reads/cell
3 samples 7 samples
5,000 reads/cell
25 samples 65 samples
Sc. RNA Seq
20,000 reads/cell
7 samples 17 samples
Bulk mRNA Seq
25M reads/sample
16 samples 40 samples
Total RNA Seq
50M reads/sample
8 samples 20 samples
Whole Exome Seq
100X mean coverage
8 samples 20 samples
Sc. Single cell, TCR/BCR T or B cell receptor samples samples