The Biomolecular Analysis Facility  provides a range of services for analyzing peptides and proteins using instruments and expertise not available to individual laboratories. The Facility also has a number of user operated instruments which were part of the Shared Instrumentation Core.

The Facility is located in rooms 1034, 1105, 1074 on the first floor of Pinn (formerly Jordan) Hall,  phone 434-924-0070

The Facility operates on a fee for service basis, detailed in the section on rates. The Cancer Center may provide a copayment to reduce the cost of services to its members. Rates for outside clients are higher. In addition to user fees, the Facility is supported by School of Medicine and receives grants for instrumentation from the state Equipment Trust Fund and NIH, and the School of Medicine. The mass spectrometry laboratory was started and supported for several years by a grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation.


The Biomolecular Analysis Facility Core now has a Q Exactive HF-X masss spectrometer with high and low flow UHPLCs as well as CE for the interfaces funded by  the Virginia Equipment Trust Fund ($911,000). Experiments in proteomics and metabolomics can be performed and intact protein work will now be possible.  The instrument will replace the older Velos Pro Orbitrap and TSQ Quantum.  Services run on the MALDI-TOF instrument continue.

Users should acknowledge the support from the School of Medicine e.g.

“This work used (service and/or instrument name) in the Biomolecular Analysis Facility which is supported by the University of Virginia School of Medicine.”

A resource statement summarizes the capabilities of the core.