Biomolecular Analysis Facility

The Biomolecular Analysis Facility (BAF) now provides a centralized setting for a diverse but interactive suite of services, instrumentation, and expertise in the areas of proteomics, metabolomics, small molecules, and molecular interactions (Mass Spectrometry Section and Shared Instrumentation Section).  BAF research services have been provided in some form to the School of Medicine for over 25 years. The highly skilled staff has the necessary expertise to provide investigators with not only rapid, high quality data but also with pre- and post-experiment consultation necessary for successful experiments.  This complete approach to service gives investigators confidence in their work leading to publications and additional grants.  The labs, instruments, and personnel of the BAF are all located on the first floor of Pinn Hall allowing investigators to easily utilize and integrate multiple ‘omics’ techniques in their research.

Thermo Orbitrap Exploris 480


The Biomolecular Analysis Facility offers services in two grouped areas: Mass Spectrometry analysis - Proteomics and Metabolomics and Shared Instrumentation - User Operated Instruments.
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JJ Park(left) and Nicholas Sherman, Ph.D.(right)

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Acknowledgement Required

Users should acknowledge the support from the School of Medicine e.g. “This work used (service and/or instrument name) in the Biomolecular Analysis Facility which is supported by the University of Virginia School of Medicine.” A resource statement summarizes the capabilities of the core.
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