Biomolecular Analysis Facility

  • Protein identification, sequencing and other analysis by mass spectrometry: 434.924.0070 (JJ Park )
  • Multi-mode plate reader, circular dichroism, biomolecular interactions, cell analysis instrument.434.924.0070 (JJ Park )
  • Director: 434.924.0070 (Nicholas Sherman )
  • Main number 434.924.2356  Administrative Assistant (Shawnee Meredith )


Nicholas Sherman, JJ Park-office; Pinn Hall room 1034
Mass spectrometry laboratory; Pinn Hall room 1105
plate reader, molecular interactions, circular dichroism; Pinn Hall room 1074

See map below.

Shipping address

Biomolecular Analysis Facility,
Pinn Hall loading dock,
University of Virginia Health System,
1340 Jefferson Park Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22908

Mailing address

Biomolecular Analysis Facility
Office of Research Core Administration.
University of Virginia Health System,
P.O. Box 800741,
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0741


For directions to the Pinn Hall, see the maps of the University of Virginia or use the University of Virginia interactive map: search for  Pinn Hall.

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