Resource Statement

The Biomolecular Analysis Facility (BAF) provides a centralized setting for a diverse but interactive suite of services, instrumentation, and expertise in the areas of proteomics, metabolomics and molecular interactions.  The Mass Spectrometry section identifies and quantitates proteins, metabolites, and other types of molecules either individually or in complex mixtures with a Thermo Orbitrap Exploris 480 (proteomics) and a Thermo Electron Orbitrap ID-X (metabolomics; Parallel Reaction Monitoring). The staff can assist in the identification of over 3000 proteins, untargeted metabolites, the location of post-translational modifications, or the absolute quantitation of small molecules or metabolites. The Shared Instrumentation section has the following user operated instruments – Octet Red 96, plate reader, circular dichroism, HPLC/FPLC, MALDI-TOF, lyophilizer, and speedvac. These instruments are available at all hours open access so PI labs do not need to purchase their own. The BAF facility is on the first floor of Pinn Hall easily accessible to all University investigators.