The Biomolecular Analysis Facility has equipment which is either not commonly found in individual laboratories or is needed only occasionally by some laboratories. Some equipment is operated by facility personnel, and some is used by individual researchers.

For more information: contact Nicholas Sherman ph. 924-0070

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Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF-X

We have four methods of loading samples into this instrument:

  • infusion pump (no fractionation)
  • Capillary electrophoresis
  • nano UHPLC-flow rates of nnn for 75 µm diamater columns
  • UHPLCs with flow rates up to 1 ml/min for larger columns

The mass spectrometer has an Orbitrap mass analyzer with a mass range of 50 to 8000, and resolution up to 240,000.


Q-Exactive mass spectrometer

Bruker MicroFlex MALDI

This instrument measures masses of intact molecules. Sample preparation is usually relatively simple so this instrument is the first choice to obtain the mass of peptides, proteins and some other molecules.

bruker MALDI time of flight mass spectrometer

Molecular Dynamics Gemini EM SpectraMax Fluorescent plate reader

  • For fluorescence readings of plates with 384, 96, 24, 12, 6 well microtiter plates.
  • Dual monochromator optics.
  • Does not perform absorbance readings.
  • Operated by researcher. Fee for use.
fluorescence plate reader

High performance liquid chromatography.

  • Dionex Ultimate for 0.3 to 4.6 mm diameter columns.

Variable wavelength UV detector.Used for separation of peptides, proteins and some other molecules, usually with reverse phase columns.

Dionex HPLC

JASCO J-1500 Circular dichroism spectropolarimeter

For studies on tertiary structure of proteins.
Operated by researcher. Fee for use.
Brief background on operation here.

JASCO J-1500 CD instrument

Aperio ScanScope Slide Scanner

Aperio ScanScope to scan microscope slides at 20X, 40X, 63X (resolutions of 0.5, 0.25, 0.17 micron/pixel) for digital pathology. The scans can be exported as TIFF or JPEG files. The scanner can scan a batch of 5 slides.


Gel and film scanners

  • Bio-Rad GS800 for absorbance readings on gels or blots at visible wavelengths and X-ray film. Three wavelength filters for different stains. ImageQuant software for image analysis available
  • Bio-Rad FX fluorescent scanner. Three lasers and five filters to cover common fluorescent stains. Multiple stains can be scanned and overlaid.
  • Both scanners produce files which can be converted to 8 or 16 bit tiff files.
GS-800 densitometer

fortéBIO Octet RED96 uses BioLayer Interferometry with disposable probes to measure association and dissociation rates of pairs of molecules and hence dissociation constants.
This instrument can perform 8 simultaneous readings. It can also perform quantitation measurements including some equivalent to ELISA,

fortéBIO Octet

Acea RTCA cell analysis instrument

real time, continuous measurement of cellular activity, including migration, based on impedance measurements

ACEA RTCA instrument

Biotek ELx800 absorbance plate reader

absorbance measurements on microtiter plates at 450, 562, 600, 660 nm

BioTek Absorbance reader