Flow Cytometry Facility

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility housed in Pinn Hall (Room 2011 and 2013) provides all UVA investigators access to high quality, cost effective flow cytometry services.  Services include unassisted and assisted sample acquisition, cell sorting, mass cytometry (CyTOF), Luminex cytokine assays, antibody conjugation and data analysis.  By providing these services, as well as the scientific expertise necessary to effectively use this technology, the facility serves to enhance the scope and quality of scientific research performed at UVA. 

New Events and Resources

Upcoming Events:

NERLSCD/MAD SSCi 19 Conference

CYTO 2020

New Resources:

  • Cytometrist’s primer to single cell data analysis

    • CyTOF Guide to which high dimensional analysis tools to apply when analyzing CyTOF data.
  • Fluorofinder is updated!

  • BenchSci

    • free, open-access search platform that helps scientists look for antibodies from publications.
  • BenchSci can search publications

    • BenchSci’s algorithm screens publications to identify how antibodies were used in each paper. The figures containing antibody usage data are made searchable and filterable by specific experimental contexts (ie. techniques, tissues, cell lines) on the BenchSci platform. Go to www.benchsci.com to find out more!
Luminex Runs

Upcoming Mouse Luminex Runs

  • July 23rd
  • August 27th
  • September 24th
  • October 29th

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Upcoming Human Luminex Runs

  • August 6th
  • September 10th
  • October 8th

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Upcoming Cell Signaling Luminex Runs

  • August 13th
  • September 17th
  • October 15th

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Recent Publications

Kelly Cox and Dr. Loren Erickson of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology for publishing the first CyTOF paper from UVA

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