How To Acknowledge Core

Core Acknowledgement

Publications generating data by the flow cytometry core should be Acknowledged or Mentioned in the Methods Section by full name along with RRID#

(University of Virginia Flow Cytometry Core, RRID: SCR_017829)

The Cancer Center Support Grant currently provides a 20% co-pay for all its Cancer Center investigators. This co-pay may vary throughout the fiscal year. Those investigators who receive this support must mention the core by name in materials and methods and include the following in the acknowledgement: “This research was supported by the National Cancer Institute P30-CA044579 Center Grant.”

The Sony MA900 Cell Sorter was funded through the NIH S10 instrument program.  Publications utilizing the Sony MA900 should acknowledge S10 Grant Number 1S10OD028518-1.

Acknowledgement of the core facility in all publications which utilized the service of the core is customary and appreciated, as it is used as a value based metric in determining future funding.