researchers in Molecular Imaging CoreThe Molecular Imaging Core images animals and cells by several techniques:

  • MRI
  • ultrasound
  • bioluminescence
  • fluorescence
  • PET
  • images from different modalities can be combined

A cyclotron produces radioisotopes which the Radiochemistry Laboratory uses to make radioactive targeted ligands for non-invasive Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging. The Radiochemistry Laboratory synthesizes established radiotracers and assists development of novel imaging agents.

For further information, contact Core Director, Dr. Stuart Berr, ph. 434-924-5096 email:

A resource description for inclusion in grants has a detailed description of the facilities in the Molecular Imaging Core.

Please acknowledge use of services and instruments in the Molecular Imaging Core; e.g.”This work used (service and/or instrument name) in the Molecular Imaging Core which was purchased with support from (NIH grant as applicable from below) and is supported by the University of Virginia School of Medicine.”
Cyclotron or radiochemistry lab: NIH grant 1S10RR025087-01.
Bruker ClinScan MRI: NIH grant 1S10RR019911-01
IVIS bioluminescence/fluorescence scanner: NIH grant 1S10RR025694-01
Trimodal PET/SPECT/CT Preclinical Scanner for Biomedical Research: NIH grant S10OD21672

Cancer Center logo The Molecular Imaging Core is supported through the University of Virginia Cancer Center National Cancer Institute P30 Center Grant.