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A resource description for inclusion in grants has a detailed description of the facilities in the Molecular Imaging Core.

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A cyclotron produces radioisotopes which the Radiochemistry Laboratory uses to make radioactive targeted ligands for non-invasive Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging. The Radiochemistry Laboratory synthesizes established radiotracers and assists development of novel imaging agents.


The UVa Molecular Imaging Core (UVaMIC) Lab has approximately 2000 ft2 in the Sheridan G. Snyder Translational Research Building and another 1000 ft2 in the nearby Medical Research (MR4) Building at the University of Virginia.

Imaging Probes

At the Snyder Building are minicells for the production of PET labeled imaging substrates, and labs for organic and SPECT chemistry. We are able to label antibodies or peptides with radioactive or fluorescent imaging probes.