Genetically Engineered Murine Model (GEMM) Core

The Genetically Engineered Murine Model (GEMM) Core at UVA provides user-oriented service to efficiently produce and preserve genetically engineered mouse strains for animal model research for investigators at UVA and their collaborators outside UVA. The core’s mission is to support animal model research endeavors, to advance genetic and reproductive technologies for model creation and preservation, and to serve as a resource for design, development and derivation of customized mouse strains.

UVA CRISPR and Transgenic Workshop

The GEMM core holds a hands-on three day CRISPR and transgenic workshop each spring and fall. The workshop includes lectures and hands-on exercises which are intended for those who wish to develop a strong background on CRISPR and transgenic technologies and applications.

rotunda in fall

GEMM Brochure

Please feel free to browse, print and keep GEMM brochure for quick service and contact info.

Acknowledgement Requirement

Please acknowledge the Genetically Engineered Murine Model (GEMM) Core of the University of Virginia (UVa) for production of transgenic and gene-targeted mice in the proper section of any publications that result from studies on mice generated by GEMM, which is supported in part with the funding from NIH-NCI CCSG P30 CA044579.  If we provide advice or collaboration above and beyond normal core services, i.e. if we make a substantial contribution to your work, we would appreciate co-authorship.