NEPA21 type II super electroporator – 4-step polarity-reversible poring and transfer pulse electroporation suitable for in vitro, in vivo, in utero, in ovo and ex vivo applications
Primetech PMM4G piezo micro manipulator – delicate membrane perforator for cytoplasmic injection and ICSI
Eppendorf femtojet 4i electronic microinjector – a built-in compressor with programmable parameter set-up for reproducible microinjection
Leica DMIRB and DMIL inverted microscopes – microinjection and cell culture visualization
Leica MZ75 high performance stereomicroscopes – tissue dissecting and animal surgery
Leitz micromanipulators – handling objects under the inverted microscope
Sutter P-87 micropipette puller – making glass micropipettes for micromanipulations
De Fonbrune microforge – glass capillary fabricator
Bio-Cool BCIV40A Controlled-Rate Freezer – slow cooler for embryo freezing
XYClone laser system – zona drilling to assist embryo injection
BTX ECM630 Electroporator
Eppendorf EP Gradient Mastercycler
UVIdoc LCD Gel Documentation System
Biosafety cabinets
CO2 incubators