Center for Membrane and Cell Physiology

Welcome to the Center for Membrane and Cell Physiology at the University of Virginia. The mission of the Center is to image cellular processes at high resolution using state-of-the-art cellular microscopy and structural biology techniques. Although we strive to understand fundamental biological processes at the highest possible spatial and time resolution, the ultimate goal is to use high-end imaging, structural, biophysical, and biological and chemical probe technologies to make impactful discoveries on understanding the causes, development and cures of diseases ranging from cardiovascular to cancer to neurological and infectious diseases.

Our faculty comprise faculty from nine Departments and three Schools at the University of Virginia. They share common research interests and facilities including high-end structural biology and microscopy equipment to achieve a deeper understanding of how cells and in particular cell membranes function. We strive to understand protein structures, assemblies, and interactions between them (including in membranes) at the highest possible resolution as a prerequisite to understand their function. We study signaling within and communication between cells and organelles in order to better understand the biology of healthy and diseased tissues.

Events & Seminars