Research in Progress Seminars

Research-in-Progress (RIP) is a place for graduate students and postdocs to present their ongoing research results and to receive feedback from other researchers (i.e. students, postdocs, faculty). Questions and discussions provide technical solutions and help bring new ideas to current research.

Every other Thursday in Snyder 314 from 4 to 5pm (unless otherwise indicated).

Year 2018-19
Date: Time: Event:
5/23/19 4pm-4:30pm Presenter: Hossein Yazdkhasti
Lab: Redemann Lab
Title: “3D reconstructions of entire mitotic and meiotic spindles in the early mouse and human embryo”
5/23/19 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Brandon Goblirsch
Lab: Wiener Lab
Title: “Modern methods for unnatural (non-canonical) amino acid incorporation into proteins: it’s easier than you think in bacterially-expressed systems”
5/9/19 4pm-4:30pm Presenter: Chris Caffalette
Lab: Zimmer lab
Title: “Structure of the channel-forming O antigen ABC transporter WzmWzt”
5/9/19 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Ajit Tiwari
Lab: Kenworthy
Title: “Role of Cytoskeletal Proteins in Clathrin Independent Endocytosis”
4/25/19 4pm-4:30pm Presenter: Bing Han
Lab: Kenworthy lab
Title: “Structural analysis of caveolin-1 complexes”
4/25/19 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Meagan Dufrisne
Lab: Columbus lab
Title: “Structural and Functional Studies of Phosphatidylinositol-phosphate Biosynthesis”
4/11/19 4pm-4:30pm Presenter: Alecia Achimovich
Lab :Gahlmann
Title: TBA
4/11/19 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Linda Columbus
Lab: Columbus
Title: TBA
3/28/19 4pm-4:30pm Presenter: Johnstone Scott
Lab: Isakson
Title: Connexins as regulators of the cell cycle: Defining new targets in vascular cell proliferation
3/28/19 4:30pm-5pm Presenter:
3/14/19 4pm-4:30pm Presenter: Bob Nakamoto
Lab: Nakamoto
Title: “Mechanism of the ABC transporter P-glycoprotein: correlating enzyme and conformational states”
3/14/19 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Jim Casanova
Lab: Casanova Lab
Title: “Arfs, ORPs and ER-membrane contacts in the control of cell motility”
2/28/19 4pm-4:30pm HOLIDAY
2/28/19 4:30pm-5pm No Presentation
2/14/19 4pm-4:30pm Presenter:
2/14/19 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Corina Marziano
Lab: Sonkusare lab
Title: Impaired endothelial Caveolin-1-TRPV4 channel signaling in pulmonary hypertension
1/24/19 4pm-4:30pm Presenter: Saad Hussain
Lab: Kashatus Lab
Title: “A Novel Role for RalA in Starvation-Induced Lipid Droplet Formation”
1/24/19 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Rosanne Ford
Lab: Ford
Title: “Decision-making in bacteria: Chemotaxis in response to conflicting signals”
1/10/19 4pm-4:30pm Presenter: Paula Barrett
Lab: Barrett
Title: “Imaging Calcium Signals in the Adrenal Rosette”
1/10/19 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Ewa Niedzialkowska
Lab: Stukenberg Lab
Title: “How do kinetochores power the movements of chromosome in mitosis? – the Ndc80 complex perspective.”
12/13/18 4pm-4:30pm
12/13/18 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Justin Acheson
Lab: Zimmer
Title: Structural investigation of the Bacterial cellulose synthase outer porin BcsC
11/29/18 4pm-4:30pm
11/29/18 4:30pm-5pm Presenter: Yunchen Bi
Lab: Zimmer
Title: “Molecular Structure of O-antigen Polysaccharide ABC transporter”
11/8/18 4pm-4:30pm Presenter: Volker Kiessling
Lab: Tamm
Title: “The calcium trigger in regulated exocytosis”
11/8/18 4:30pm-5pm