Ebrahim Lab

Whether they are working to perceive sound, defend us from pathogens or digest and absorb nutrients, our cells are constantly exposed to changing forces in their physical environment. The Ebrahim Lab focuses on how cells perceive and respond to these changes- their mechanobiology – during tissue function and dysfunction. We are especially interested in the roles and regulation of dynamic cytoskeletal networks and mechanosensitive ion channels in intestinal epithelia during inflammation, cancer and aging.

The lab uses a combination of innovative, super-resolution live cell and in vivo tissue imaging, quantitative cell biology approaches and mouse models to gain new insights into the mechanobiology of epithelial homeostasis and disease.

We currently have positions available for talented scientists at undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral levels. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Ebrahim: seham.ebrahim@virginia.edu.

4D cellular physiology across scales

We interrogate cytoskeletal dynamics and function in cell culture, organoids and in living tissues!

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Intravital microscopy

We are implementing and developing new approaches to for in vivo imaging at very high spatial and temporal resolution

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Our aim is to generate data that will form the basis for more translational studies in collaboration with clinical labs

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