Cancer Research

Facts at a Glance

At UVA, our goal in cancer research is to understand how cancer arises, grows, and spreads, and to use this knowledge to develop ways to detect, diagnose, treat, and prevent cancer. Our research helps provide resources, tools and the infrastructure needed to advance treatment and find a cure.

  • Over 200 faculty members from 23 departments within the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences
  • NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center with more than $75 million dollars in funded research annually
  • Long-recognized as a premier institution in basic cancer research, with substantial contributions to the understanding of cancer cell and molecular biology
  • More recent increased and growing strength in translational, clinical and population-based research


cancer research laboratory

Research Programs

The UVA Cancer Center has approximately 220 full and associate members divided into four research programs.
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Training and education

Training and Education

Access education, training, and career development initiatives throughout the University community
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lab work

Cancer Clinical Research Infrastructure

We provide resources and other support for investigators working in laboratory research, clinical research, and population science.
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Research Development

Research Development

Research Development at the Cancer Center promotes basic, clinical, and population research excellence by supporting transdisciplinary research through two primary activities:
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Shared Resources

Shared Resources

UVA Cancer Center's shared research resources offer state of the art instrumentation, technology, and scientific expertise for the advantage of research members.
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ORIEN research program

Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN)

The Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) is an alliance of cancer centers, powered by M2GEN, working in close collaboration to accomplish more in the fight against cancer.
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Partners in Discovery

UVA is part of the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN), one of the largest cancer research networks in the USA. We use the Partners in Discovery for Total Cancer Care at UVA protocol to share information and specimens with other researchers in the network.

180 faculty members

From 23 departments across the School of Medicine, Nursing and Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences, our research members work in disease-specific research teams in several different research programs.

Shared Resources

UVA’s shared resources are dynamic and reflect the latest in advanced technology to meet the needs of research members and the research community.

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