Division of Nephrology; Center for Immunity, Inflammation & Regenerative Medicine

UVA Division of Nephrology and the Center for Immunity, Inflammation and Regenerative Medicine (CIIR), part of the Department of Medicine, is dedicated to studying and treating kidney diseases. The Division of Nephrology/CIIR consists of 35 full-time faculty members with primary appointments in the Division. With award-winning educators, NIH-funded investigators, and two NIH-funded training grants, we offer trainees a rich clinical and research experience aimed at producing next-generation nephrologists and kidney research scientists. Postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, medical students, undergraduate students, and visiting scientists in our laboratories actively engage in research (see our Research and Education pages for opportunities).

We work collaboratively to improve patient care and outcomes, achieve excellence in our scholarly and research endeavors, and nurture innovation in our labs and classrooms. Many of our faculty members are leaders in national and international professional societies, members of the NIH Study Section, serve on editorial boards of reputable journals, are among America’s Top Doctors, and have been recognized for outstanding achievements in their respective fields.

As a division, we are committed to building bridges with our local community of Charlottesville and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. We assert that diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to providing exceptional care for patients with kidney diseases through excellence in patient care, research, and education.

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Dr. Mitch Rosner

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UVA Nephrology

Meet Dr. Julia Scialla, UVA Nephrologist Treating Patients with Kidney Disease with a Focus on Physiologic Complications

Julia Scialla, MD, is a nephrologist who treats kidney disease with a focus on physiologic complications, nutrition, and prevention. Learn about the symptoms of kidney disease and how Dr. Scialla works with her patients to help develop treatment plans.

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Meet Dr. Brendan Bowman, UVA Nephrologist Treating Patients with Kidney Disease

Brendan Bowman, MD, is a nephrologist treating patients with kidney disease. Bowman is intrigued by the functions and mechanics of the kidney. His expertise and knowledge allow him to help his patients throughout all stages of kidney disease.

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Unexpected Link Found Between Immune Cells, Weight Control, Disease Resistance

New research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine has shown how our DNA determines our ability to fight viruses, revealing that many genes work together to control immune cells, tissue inflammation, and even our body weight after infection. The research could one day allow doctors to tweak immune cells to enhance their ability to destroy viruses. It may also assist in developing new vaccines, among other benefits.

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UVA Nephrology

Fellowship Training

Dr. Anubhav Kumar, instructing fellow on the use of point of care ultrasound.

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Research Training

NIH/NIDDK-funded Research Training Pathways is designed for 1) undergraduate students (VA K-TUTOR) and 2) pre-and postdoctoral trainees (IGNITE KUH).

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The Center for Immunity, Inflammation & Regenerative Medicine (CIIR)

CIIR was inaugurated in 2007 to advance research initiatives, education, and clinical applications in new and important directions.

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