Welcome to nephrology education at the University of Virginia! Our education programs in the Division of Nephrology are supported and complemented by comprehensive programs in patient care and research. Now is an exciting time to be joining the field of nephrology.

Recent exciting advancements are bringing hope to patients with kidney diseases – from the executive order on Advancing American Kidney Health, which is focused on reducing the incidence of kidney disease, enhancing access to home therapies and transplant, and raising public awareness to Kidney Innovation Accelerator (KidneyX), a public-private partnership between HHS and ASN targeted to catalyze innovation in nephrology through prize competitions.

What are we doing at the University of Virginia?

The Division of Nephrology at UVA is educating the next generation of nephrology physicians and scientists.  What can you do?  Apply to our fellowship program. Become part of the future nephrology workforce through intensive clinical training in kidney diseases or by participating in clinical and basic research.   Consider a career in clinical nephrology or kidney-related research.  We offer educational opportunities for high school, graduate and medical students, postdoctoral fellowships for PhD, MD, DO or MD/PhD scientists, and an ACGME-certified fellowship program in Nephrology with clinical and/or combined clinical/research paths.