Neuroscience is a discipline encompassing all aspects of behavior, cognition and perception at the molecular and cellular levels as well as in the whole organism.

As a growing and highly collaborative department we are committed to carrying out cutting-edge interdisciplinary research employing a wide range of state-of-the-art techniques. Over the last few years, our work has yielded major breakthroughs. The achievements are in large part because of the contributions of exceptional trainees — graduate students and post-doctoral fellows — and we welcome other motivated trainees to join us.

Picture of Sihan Li, left, and Jung-Bum Shin, right

Essential Key to Hearing Sensitivity Found

Congratulations to Sihan Li and Jung-Bum Shin for publishing their recent findings related to hearing loss in Nature Communications!

Click here to see the article

Picture of John Lukens, left and Ashley Bolte, graduate student, right

Concussion Discovery Reveals Dire Unknown Effect of Even Mild Brain Injuries

Congratulations to Ashley Bolte and the Lukens Lab for publishing their work related to traumatic brain injury and meningeal lymphatic vessels in Nature Communications!

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Picture of Kanchan Bisht, UVA

Microglia Regulate Vascular Structure and Function

Congratulations to Kanchan Bisht and the Eyo Lab for publishing their research related to microglia, vasculature, and PANX1-P2RY12 in Nature Communications!

Click here to read the full article in Nature Communications



We study multiple human neurological disorders from cellular and molecular to translational through animal models of disease.

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