Neuroscience is a discipline encompassing all aspects of behavior, cognition and perception at the molecular and cellular levels as well as in the whole organism.

As a growing and highly collaborative department we are committed to carrying out cutting-edge interdisciplinary research employing a wide range of state-of-the-art techniques. Over the last few years, our work has yielded major breakthroughs. The achievements are in large part because of the contributions of exceptional trainees — graduate students and post-doctoral fellows — and we welcome other motivated trainees to join us.


Andrea Merchak and Alban Gaultier

Scientists Uncover How Fermented-Food Bacteria Can Guard Against Depression, Anxiety

Congratulations to recent alum Andrea Merchak and the Gaultier Lab for publishing their findings on how Lactobacillus, a bacterium found in fermented foods and yogurt, helps the body manage stress and may help prevent depression and anxiety!

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Heather Ferris and Thaddeus Weigel

Alzheimer’s Discovery Suggests Light Sensitivity May Worsen Symptoms Late in the Day and Contribute to Disease Progression

Congratulations to Thaddeus Weigel and the Ferris Lab for publishing their recent findings related to light sensitivity and Alzheimer's!

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Hannah Ennerfelt and John Lukens

Discovery Holds Key to Boosting Brain’s Ability to Fight Alzheimer’s, MS

Congratulations to Hannah Ennerfelt and the Lukens Lab for publishing their work related to Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis!

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Implant Prototype Featured in UVA Today

December 2023 - Neuroscience professor and chair Harald Sontheimer was featured in UVA Today, highlighting his work on a "deep brain implant" that may treat or even reverse the degenerative…

Research In Motion: Harald Sontheimer

December 2023 - UVA’s Research in Motion recently featured Neuroscience professor and chair Dr. Harald Sontheimer. In his words: "I study glial cells called astrocytes, the brain support cells that…

Ukpong Eyo in Conversation with Nature Neuroscience

December 2023 - Nature Neuroscience interviewed Ukpong Eyo about his path to the neuroscience field and thoughts on the research landscape today. Click here to read the article!

John Lukens on “Inside UVA” with Pres. Ryan

December 2023 - Check out Neuroscience's own John Lukens on the latest episode of Inside UVA with UVA president Jim Ryan! Visit this link to learn more and listen to…

Alex Kuan Awarded New NIH R01 Grant

October 2023 - Congratulations to Chia-Yi (Alex) Kuan, who was just awarded a new $3 million NIH R01 grant! In this new grant, Dr. Kuan and Min-Hao Kuo, PhD, co-principal…

Ukpong Eyo Published in Science

September 2023 - Congratulations to Ukpong Eyo, who, co-authored with Anna Molofsky at UCSF, published an important opinion in Science arguing that we have much yet to learn about microglial…


We study multiple human neurological disorders from cellular and molecular to translational through animal models of disease.

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