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Founded in 1967 by Dr. Ian Stevenson, the Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) is a long-established and highly productive university-based research group, exclusively devoted to the investigation of phenomena that challenge mainstream scientific paradigms regarding the nature of the mind/brain relationship. The researchers at DOPS are particularly interested in studying phenomena related to consciousness clearly functioning beyond the confines of the physical body, as well as phenomena that are directly suggestive of post-mortem survival of consciousness.

Through their careful study, the DOPS researchers objectively document and analyze the empirical data collected regarding human experiences suggestive of post-mortem survival of consciousness. Rigorous evaluation of considerable empirical evidence collected over fifty years of research, suggests that consciousness may indeed survive bodily death and that mind and brain appear to be distinct and separable.

It is our hope that other opened-minded scientists will join us in taking on new challenges into the serious study of the nature of consciousness and its interaction with the physical world.

Is There Life After Death?

At the 2018 Tom Tom Founders Festival, John Cleese moderates a discussion amongst research faculty.

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Explore the many books authored by DOPS faculty in subjects such as past life memories, near death experiences and the study of mind and body.
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In this Medical Center Hour, faculty from the Division of Perceptual Studies highlight the unit's work since its founding. As the division enters its second half-century, what are its research priorities and partnerships?
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